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Software Development Laboratories is an independent software development company, founded in 2000 and strives to create quality Hercules and other Windows software to make using the Hercules emulator and your Windows system easier and more fun to use.

My mission is to create powerful, high quality and affordable (yet still easy-to-use) software for individuals and corporations alike. I do it not just because I need the money but also because I really, really like doing so (always have, always will). I've been doing it for over 35 years now.

Writing and selling the software you see on this web site is my sole means of income and every purchase not only keeps me alive (literally!) but also helps to fund development of the Hercules emulator itself as well.

Software Development Laboratories is headquartered in scenic Pacific Northwest United States, in Bellevue Washington, right across the street from Microsoft.

Primary Contact

     Name:      David B. Trout
     Email:      fish@softdevlabs.com
     Phone:      (425) 883-6717
     14717 NE 40th Place
Apartment 909
Bellevue, WA   98007-3320

Other Contacts

     General:      info@softdevlabs.com
     Purchases:      sales@softdevlabs.com
     Support:      support@softdevlabs.com
     Web Site:      webmaster@softdevlabs.com
     Domain:      hostmaster@softdevlabs.com
     Email:      postmaster@softdevlabs.com
     Other:      admin@softdevlabs.com