HercGUI Screen Shots

Main screen
Main HercGUI screen

This is the main screen displayed while HercGUI runs. It displays log messages coming from the Hercules emulator, the current status of your virtual mainframe and its devices and supplies a command-line interface for communicating with and controlling the Hercules emulator.

Message Area
Message Area

This is the HercGUI Console Preferences dialog. It lets you customize the look and feel of the main screen's log messages pane by choosing the font, size, style and color for messages of each type.

This is only one of many difference Perferences dialogs thats allows you to customize the look and feel of HercgUI according to your personal preferences.

Percent Utilization
CPU Percent Utilization

This is yet another of the many difference Perferences dialogs that allows you to customize the look and feel of HercgUI,

This one lets you choose the color of the Percent Utilization bars that are displayed for each of your mainframe's virtual processors.


This is another example System Configuration dialog used to maintain your Hercules emulator configuration file.

This one allows you to specify the hardware architecture and primary operating system type your virtual mainframe is to use, as well as a few other mainframe architectural related settings.

Options / Settings

From this dialog you can define additional miscellaneous Hercules emulator settings and options.

DasdInit Utility
DasdInit Utility

This is an example of one of the Hercules Utilities dialogs.

This one allows you to control the DASDINIT utility used to create emulated dasd devices.