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SoftDevLabs Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you find a bug please take the time to report it to me by sending an email to or call me directly at (425) 883-6717.

Please be sure to include the following in all support requests:

  • Your name and/or email address

  • The transaction id in the purchase confirmation email sent to you by PayPal
    (support is provided to paying customers only!)

  • A brief description of the problem

  • What version of the product you are using

  • What version of Hercules you are using

  • What version of Windows you are using

  • All relevant log files and/or control files associated with the problem

As far as suggestions are concerned, if there is something you wish any of my products did for you that it is currently not doing for you today (a new feature for example), please do not hesitate to let me know and I will consider including it in the next release if possible.

CTCI-WIN 3.4.0: Missing 32-bit FishLib DLL

There was an accidental packaging error in the initial December 3, 2016 release of CTCI-WIN version 3.4.0. It was accidentally packaged with a version of FishLib that failed to also install a 32-bit copy of FishLib on 64-bit versions of Windows, resulting in multiple error dialogs about a missing FishLib32 DLL.

This problem only impacted users running on 64-bit Windows and was found and corrected on December 5, 2016 by releasing a corrected version of FishLib (version 2.13.3) and repackaging CTCI-WIN with the fixed version of FishLib, calling it CTCI-WIN 3.4.1.

If you were impacted by this error you can correct it by either downloading and installing the fixed version of FishLib (version 2.13.3) or by simply re-downloading your TRIAL or purchased copy of CTCI-WIN again.
If you still have problems please contact Software Development Laboratories Support for help.

We apologize for the error.

Regarding Environment Variables (such as 'PATH')

After installing most SoftDevLabs products you may discover that one or more of your environment variables (such as your Windows PATH variable for example) appear to be damaged and/or no longer exist.

In all likelihood however they are not damaged at all and are still fully intact. To verify this for yourself simply review the following registry keys using regedit (Start -> Run: regedit):
User variables:
System variables:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment
This phenomenon is caused by a known bug within Microsoft's shell32.dll (i.e. the Windows Explorer shell) that fails to properly update its internal environment variables cache during processing of the WM_SETTINGCHANGE windows message, and will automatically correct itself the next time you logon to Windows. To correct the problem immediately simply logoff and then logon again or reboot your system.

For more information please refer to the following Microsoft KB (Knowledge Base) article:

General News Information

General news information pertaining to the SoftDevLabs web site itself.
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Hercules Patches and Other Issues

PATCH for Hercules 3.10 CPU Percent Utilization issue

The problem of HercGUI not showing the CPU Percent Utilizations when using Roger's 3.10 spinhawk version of Hercules (instead of the SDL version) can be easily fixed by applying the following PATCH to Hercules 3.10 source code and then rebuilding Hercules 3.10.
All SoftDevLabs products were designed to work best with the SDL version of Hercules 4.0 Hyperion.

PATCH for Hercules 3.10 Unreliable LCS device functionality

A bug in the LCS device handler causing unreliable functionality (sometimes the LCS device would work okay other times it would not) was identified and corrected in the SDL vesion of Hercules 4.0 Hyperion on February of 2011 but has apparently not made it into Roger's 3.10 version of Hercules yet.

The below patch when applied to Hercules 3.10 spinhawk corrects the problem and restores reliable LCS device functionality. Until Roger gets around to fixing the issue you will need to apply the below patch to the source code and then rebuild Hercules 3.10 for yourself:
All SoftDevLabs products were designed to work best with the SDL version of Hercules 4.0 Hyperion.